I owned all phases of this mixed-methods project. Due to this project’s sensitive nature, I can’t share details, but I can share my process and what I learned from my experience working with vulnerable populations.


  • To develop a deep understanding of the client’s unmet needs and the pain points within the recruitment and retention platforms.
  • To provide insights on client behaviors and barriers in the clinical trial enrollment cycles.
  • To emphasize the experiences and information needs of prospective clinical trial participants.
  • To guide the clinical trial team in the implementation of retention and recruitment recommendations.


  • Created questionnaires for the clinical trial team that explored the project outcomes, prospective populations, and recruitment goals.
  • Developed surveys and interview guides to gather quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Conducted in-person interviews and disseminate surveys to understand behaviors and needs of clients and prospective participants.
  • Reviewed client feedback regarding recruitment and clinical trial onboarding to improve the overall experience.

Analysis and Recommendations

  • Identified and prioritized recruitment and retention issues:
    • Proposed strategy improvements based on data analysis and synthesis.
  • Presented insights and findings as a research report to the clinical trial team and stakeholders.


  • Time consuming to interview clients in-person and offsite. 
  • Technical issues during the remote interviews.


  • Set priorities for future studies by examining clients’ needs and behaviors through extensive quantitative research and analyses of 274 survey responses.
  • Recommended recruitment and retention strategies based on qualitative and quantitative analyses of enrolled clinical trial participant experiences.
  • Helped stakeholders understand and recognize the barriers that prevent target populations from receiving clinical services.


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