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"Ndidi is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is truly passionate about great user experiences and this comes through in everything that she does. I am impressed with her ability to empathize with our users on more than one level as she has expertise in providing both recruitment support and actionable research insight. Ndidi has shown herself to be self-motivated, meticulous and honest; these qualities, coupled with her willingness to learn and her drive to inform user-centered decisions make her a valued asset to any team."

- Christina Standberry, Sr. UX Coordinator at WW

Coaching Exploratory Project

I owned all phases of this exploratory research project. Due company policy, I can’t share details (data, documents, insights etc), but I can share a summary of my process and what I learned from this research experience.


The purpose of this research project was to learn more about the coaching experience from a member and service provider perspective in order to take it to the next level, re-imagine it, and look for new opportunities to offer it to current members.  


  • Identify unmet needs and actionable UX insights.
  • Understand how members use the current product to select coaches.
  • Understand what kind of person, need, situation is coaching best for?


  • Reviewed original needs and previous research.
  • Developed scripts/semi-structured interview guides.
  • Conducted remote interviews.

Analysis & Impact

  • Analyzed and synthesized all the data and information collected during the user interviews.
  • Presented a formal deliverable containing findings, key insights, and takeaways.


These findings impacted a Product Strategy review in September 2018 and will inform the launch of a pilot project in 2019.

Other impacts I've made at WW

  • Led 30+ research sessions using in-depth interviews and various UX methods to explore and understand user needs and behaviors.
  • Applied previous training in research communication, human services, and empathy techniques to:
    • Understand the emotional world and perspectives of participant in order to foster a safe space and establish rapport.
    • Communicated empathy and experiential insights to stakeholders.
  • Implemented tools and created documents to increase productivity, streamline processes, and improve research practices among the user research team.


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